Nancy Walz

I’ve worked with photojournalism and promotional photography for more than forty years. Most recently I was director of photo services at Discovery Communications. While there, I produced and edited photo shoots worldwide, conducted photo research and licensing, and collaborated with creative teams to promote Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and their portfolio of networks with award-winning work. I managed the project to create Discovery’s digital photo library of over one million images.

Starting out in the Pacific Northwest as a photographer, I worked for an alternative newspaper, the Seattle Sun, shooting naturally-lit, black-and-white photography. I went on to handle assignments for news and feature publications, universities, and commercial businesses in Europe, New England and Washington D.C.

I’m now a freelance photo editor. My latest project was to research and license historical photos for Mayday 1971, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2020.

I’m available for photo editing, research & licensing.