My latest project was as photo editor for Mayday 1971: A White House at War, a Revolt in the Streets, and the Untold History of America’s Biggest Mass Arrest by Lawrence Roberts, published in 2020 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I culled through thousands of images archived in libraries, universities, museums, stock agencies; edited down the final selects; arranged the page layout; and licensed each image.

Throughout my stint as photo director at Discovery Communications, I produced, along with my team, this gallery of work that promoted Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Investigation Discovery, The Science Channel, and international programming.

First Avenue, Seattle, is a photo documentary/oral history project about the disappearance of Seattle’s old-time, downtown working-class culture, during a time of wrenching changes in the city in the 1970’s.

Portfolio shot during my years living in Spain in the 1980s.